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Stanley Wood

Design Director, Spotify
Stanley Wood


Before Mastery: Lessons learned trying to master Design Leadership

Wed 25 October 17
12:30 - 13:00

For several years I've been on a quest to master design leadership. In this talk I will share what I’ve learned integrating design at startups, scaling design at Spotify, and traveling the globe to meet other design leaders. My hope is that wherever you are in your journey, you’ll find something to help illuminate your path forward to mastery.

About Stanley Wood

Stanley Wood is the Design Director at Spotify. He directs teams and projects to make the interfaces between people and their music as engaging as possible. Before Spotify, Stanley wore shorts and directed design across Spain’s largest Social Network, Tuenti.

When it comes to design, Stanley currently subscribes to Andrea Palladio’s philosophy of calm, harmony and dignity; and the Stoic’s attitude on how to make it happen.

He lives with his wife, baby and puppy in Stockholm, Sweden, where he collects notebooks and pens. He tweets about design so give him a follow.

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