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Russ Maschmeyer

Product Designer, Facebook
Russ Maschmeyer


There and back again

Wed 25 October 17
14:00 - 14:20

A story about what you learn when you're tossed, unprepared, into the deep end of design management. Russ will share some big lessons learned making the transition from designer to manager and back again; lessons about what a manager is, why you should (or shouldn't) become one and how leadership comes in many forms.

About Russ Maschmeyer

Russ Maschmeyer is a most excellent Product Designer and Design Manager at Facebook where he works to shape teams and products for Groups, Search, Profile and, most recently, Civic Engagement. Russ is a father and loves to build furniture for funsies. He says his wife is far more talented and internet-famous than he is, which suits him just fine, but we're pleased as punch he can join us for this years Leading Design.

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