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Kate Tarling

Digital and Design Director
Kate Tarling


Orienting Organisations to Deliver Good Services

Wed 25 October 17
11:30 - 12:00

What does it take for a large organisation to shift from ‘Traditional Enterprise' to one that operates good services, organising itself around the needs of its users?

In this talk, Kate will share ways of working across organisational boundaries to deliver better services, changing the way that large organisations operate. She'll discuss how to communicate about services and their design, and explain nuanced concepts to even the most traditional of stakeholders in a way that’s easy for them to understand. Using insights from her experiences working with the largest government departments and FTSE100 organisations she'll help you see how to embed similar approaches in your organisation.

Hear about: new approaches for service design, ownership and measurement how to review, align and choreograph the work of projects, programmes and portfolios governance that helps scale good design what this means for research and design teams and leadership as well other disciplines

About Kate Tarling

Kate helps design good services as well as their building blocks. She works with senior management, teams and individuals in large organisations to create the right conditions for good design to happen. This includes the Home Office, Government Digital Service, Peek Vision and many others.

Kate has spent some 16 years designing products and services, both consulting and in-house. She also works closely with a number of startups through Techstars, the global accelerator.

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