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Julia Whitney

Executive Coach
Julia Whitney


The Human Blueprint

Wed 25 October 17
10:20 - 11:00

There’s a popular meme that humans can be divided into two camps: those who embrace change and those who resist it. The first group are the heroes: Enlightened. Set to inherit the future. The second group are petty villains: Narrow-minded, obstructive, and soon to be left behind.

As design and experience leaders, it’s all too easy for us to believe this rhetoric, especially as it’s tempting to see ourselves in the role of the hero. After all, change is what we’re about. We’re naturally gifted at invention, and as agents of digital transformation we’re often change champions; in our own organisations, or our clients’.

But this meme sets up a false dichotomy. It masks is a whole load of complexity, and ultimately, what’s common to us all as humans. Instead we should ask: What part of all of us does change trigger? And what can we hold as our centre as we all flex and stretch: as we observe and iterate ourselves and our teams. As leaders, what choices can we make to effect change for the better, in the working lives of ourselves and those around us?

Andy Budd will lead a Q&A with Julia as part of the end of this session.


Stakeholder Management for Design Leaders - Frobisher Room 4

Fri 27 October 17

Whether you've already been a Head of Design for a few years or are new to the job, stakeholder management is one the biggest factors in your success as a Design Leader. And one of the biggest challenges. In this workshop you'll gain knowledge, skills, and practical tools to address these challenges and turn your relationships with stakeholders into productive and rewarding parts of your role.

You’ll bring your own stakeholder challenge into the workshop, and will leave with a plan that you can put into action as soon as you get back to the office. In the process you’ll learn lessons to bring to stakeholder challenges, whatever your future brings.

Topics covered include: Stakeholder Analysis, Relationship Management, Influencing and Persuading.

About Julia Whitney

Julia Whitney is an executive coach. She helps leaders and leadership teams, in design and software development and beyond, to improve their results and their working lives by overcoming obstacles and making the most of their opportunities. In the process the clients she works with gain life-long improvements to their self-awareness, resourcefulness and positive behaviours. Her recent client list includes: Fjord/Accenture, Mind the Product, Adaptive Path and Capital One.

Julia brings her own experience as a senior design leader to her coaching practice. She has led design teams at the intersection of broadcast media and digital for 20 years, in both the U.S. and the UK. In the years just previous to starting her coaching business, she was General Manager of UX&D and Executive Creative Director at the BBC, serving on two divisional boards, and responsible for the design of the BBC’s portfolio of websites, apps, and enterprise UX.

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