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Andrea Mignolo

Head of Design and UX, Movable Ink
Andrea Mignolo


Eat Only Elk: Authenticity, Transformation, and the Business of Design

Wed 25 October 17
16:35 - 17:15

Over the past decade the role of design has taken on greater organisational significance. Today design leaders must focus not only on creating great products and services, but on transforming business through the power of design. But what about our own personal transformation? We pour so much time into building teams, operationalising design, developing strategy, and creating value for our companies that it can be hard to keep sight of what happens to us in the process. If personal transformation lays the foundation for organisational change, how do we make space to show up fully and be our authentic selves in a professional environment? This talk will explore the question of self transformation in the context of work life and look at how inner struggles can expand our understanding of what it means to be a professional, a leader, and a designer.

About Andrea Mignolo

Andrea is an interaction designer who wholeheartedly believes in the power of design and the role of design leadership. She thinks that play (serious and otherwise) is the foundation of meaningful work and living, and that oxford commas are the bomb.

Andrea is currently the Head of Design & UX at Movable Ink where she helps craft product strategy, innovation, creative direction, and development. She is also an Executive MBA candidate at the Weatherhead School of Management, learning to enhance mutual intelligibility between the realms of design and business.

In previous lives she's been a video game tester, an English teacher at the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, and sysadmin

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